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Are you ready to challenge yourself?

The future is written in code

With Craft Academy, you'll learn tech and web development in an exciting, fast-paced environment and get help to find your first job in the IT industry or build your own project.

Upcoming courses:

Nomads Of Code Full Stack Bootcamp
(2022 edition with 1 extra week of post graduation support) - 19 Sep 2022

Learn new skills with Craft Academy

Start your next career with our accelerated training programs

The tech industry has a huge effect on our lives, from how we talk to each other to how we learn. With Craft Academy, you can be a part of that inspiring world, and jump into a job market that is growing exponentially.

You do not need prior coding experience. You do not need to be a computer wiz or have studied computer science. You need to be hungry. We can teach anyone to code, if they are focused and committed.

We believe that traditional education teaches students to do well on tests, rather than give them actual knowledge and experience. At Craft Academy, we provide neither grades nor diplomas (although you'll get a course certificate at graduation). Instead, we help you develop the tools you need to be successful. Our courses are unique, not just in intensity, but in approach. We provide a structured daily learning plan, projects, assignments and challenges, and continually push your limits to achieve the fastest learning possible. All in twelve weeks.

With help from our network of Hiring Partners in Sweden and throughout Europe, we guide our students as they start their new careers.

54 Best Coding Bootcamps
of 2020-2021.

We are very pround to make the top 15 list of the Best Bootcamps 2020-2021 by Course Report.


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You do the job

We guarantee the results

Our job guarantee refunds you the tuition fee, if you do not get a job after completing the bootcamp.

We believe in ourselves and we believe in you. Together we shape the future.

Conditons apply

Meet Our Students

Craft Academy students come from diverse backgrounds. But when they graduate from bootcamp, they all have one thing in common: they are ready to work as web developers. From entrepreneurs developing their own products to mid-level executives who wanted to make a career shift, their stories show the value in practical training.

David izosimov

Graduated September 2019

David Izosimov

Kickstarting my Developer career.

I transformed as a person
David izosimov

Graduated September 2019

Pia Von Wachenfelt

Social worker to Software developer

Writing code and breaking code is the fun part
Erik thomas

Graduated June 2018

Erik Steinman

Payroll consultant and Football fan turned software developer

This is not just a first step into programming. You will get way deeper into programming than you can even begin to imagine.
Erik thomas
Andreas thomas

Graduated June 2018

Andreas Møller-Nybye

Kickstarting a new career with Craft Academy

Thank you Craft Academy for making this bootcamp an absolutely awesome experience!
Andreas thomas
Olof 400

Graduated August 2017

Ólöf Vignisdóttir

From a telecom company employee to a Frontend Developer

When I found my inner peace and just kept on coding, the results came.
Olof 400
Faraz 400

Graduated June 2017

Faraz Naeem

From Accountant to Junior Developer

Do it, and do it wholeheartedly.
Faraz 400
Oj 400

Graduated April 2017

Osegbemoh Dania

From Network Infrastructure Manager to Junior Developer

The desire to develop my own software product sparked my interest in coding
Oj 400
Lucia 400

Graduated September 2016

Lucia De Mojà

Molecular Biologist - Frontend Developer at Lodon AB

You have to keep going; the results come in the end
Lucia 400
Ebba 400

Graduated November 2016

Ebba Aniansson

From vagabond to Junior Developer at ItsMyStyl

You will see that you are able to get things done now, not later.
Ebba 400
Bosse 400

Graduated November 2015

Bo Mattsson

Entrepreneur to the bone

Now I understand how applications are built
Bosse 400
Lara 400

Graduated September 2016

Lara Templemore-Walters

Web Designer turned Web Developer

Now, I just want to learn more!
Lara 400
Gustaf 400

Graduated November 2015

Gustaf Rudholm

From online sales to full-time coder

I can't think of a better way to secure your future
Gustaf 400

Is Craft Academy right for you?

We're looking for those who are ready to roll up their sleeves and work hard to achieve their goals.

Craft Academy
may be right for you if
Craft Academy
might not be a good fit if
You can dedicate 100% of your time, energy and attention to learning coding as a craft. You can only get out of bootcamp what you put in. You have to work a full-time job during the bootcamp. There simply isn't enough time for both.
You have found traditional education constraining, frustrating, or boring. We don't care the slightest bit what your exam scores were in school. We care about your passion, your drive, and your dedication. Your time zone is more than two hours from CET. We have daily meetings, frequent demos and pair-programming sessions - all of which take place in real-time. We need all team members awake and participating.
You love learning new things and thrive in fast-paced environments. You're not interested in coding. Don't enroll in bootcamp simply because there is great opportunity in the tech industry. Your passion and curiosity must drive your choice.

Said about us

Full Stack Learning - Bootcamp Style

5/5 stars
A whirlwind, once-in-a-lifetime experience for any wouldbe programmer interested in a full-stack programming curriculum. This no-frills course is designed to get you a career in the IT realm as fast as humanly possible...

Seth NeJame - 8/31/2019

Full Stack Web Developer

5/5 stars
Craft Academy builds holistic software engineers capable of working and growing in the software industry. I joined Craft Academy right after graduating university with very little programming knowledge and experience...

Basil Walakira - 8/6/2019

The best coding bootcamp out there!

5/5 stars
I decided to move all the way from London to Stockholm to enrol in the one bootcamp that for me stood out from the crowd, the Craft Academy bootcamp. The best decision for many reasons...

Cameron Moradi - 2/12/2019

A challenging experience with high rewards

5/5 stars
Sounds scary, but you have so much help, the course material is really detailed and the coaches in the course go above and beyond the call of duty.

Noel Ryan - 11/13/2018

Superb course for all. Fantastic coaches and a broad training schedule.

5/5 stars
A fantatsic all-round course - not just about coding - much more about how to be a highly effective developer in the real world.

Rupert Lion - 11/10/2018

Excellent boot camp

5/5 stars
I can highly recommend this boot camp. The coaches are always there for you both to assist and challenge you to move forward.

Magnús Þór Ársælsson - 1/1/2018

Best decision ever!

5/5 stars
My dream to become a developer has already come true... I got a job as a junior developer before I graduated and started to work the day after graduation. As for landing that job one of the most important factors my employer saw in my experience was good coding habits, to work well under pressure and in a team. My employer is very impressed by how much you can learn in 12 weeks of this bootcamp.

Ólöf Vignisdóttir - 11/28/2017

So much more than just coding

5/5 stars
You can attend this bootcamp no matter what background you have. The only important thing is that you stay and fight. It will be confusing and you will feel stupid - but you're never alone.

Amanda - 11/28/2017

It's tough, no time to cry!

5/5 stars
It's tough, it's mind blowing and it's practical. No bullshit, no excuses. Leave your ego at home, show up and work. It's simple as that.

Nurlan Emir - 11/26/2017

Excellent Course

5/5 stars
The course is tough and mentally demanding. The material is challenging, but there's a friendship that forms in the cohort as you're struggling along with others to achieve the same goal. I recommend this course very highly.

Faraz Naeem - 10/15/2017

This bootcamp is a great first, second and third step in to the world of coding...

5/5 stars
At Craft Academy the coaches are genuinely invested in your future, as long as you are. You will get back multiples of what of what you put in. But do not go in to this thinking it's going to be easy, this WILL be your life for 12 weeks.

Benjamin Comley - 6/23/2017

Want to learn how to program? This is definitely the best choice you can do!

5/5 stars
I've been to (at the time) one of the most prestigious business schools in northern Europe. But all those years spent studying business, I found Craft Academy being the most challenging, but also the most giving education I've ever received.

Max Mollerstrom - 6/19/2017

One of the best decision!!

5/5 stars
The experience at Craft Academy was life changing for me, learning web & mobile development using test driven and behavioural approach. The anthem at Craft Academy is "Agile Software Development, TDD & BDD". Well structured path of learning. Great course content material. From day one of resuming the camp, you start coding right away. You have no choice, you just have to code, code, code, code daily.

Osegbemoh Dania - 6/19/2017

Bootcamp review

5/5 stars
This bootcamp was the hardest experience in my 20 years life but I'm really happy that I kept fighting with the coding because at the end of the course I realized that I have learned so many things.

Johan Schantz - 5/25/2017

Coding as a craft

5/5 stars
This bootcamp is perfect if you want to get into the IT business. I decided that it was the right way to go for myself and I decided to apply to the CraftAcademy course. It has been tough, there have been late nights of coding, sometimes you feel like you're on the edge of insanity but in the end it is all worth it for sure.

Fabian Lundgren - 5/24/2017

Great experience!

5/5 stars
This course is one of the best things I´ve done in a long time. It is really intense and you really have to devote yourself to the course. They teach you the best practices when it comes to programming these days.

Felix Ottander - 5/23/2017

Programming for real...

5/5 stars
The bootcamp is really challenging... after sleepless nights of doing multi-tasking from my part-time work and studying at Craft Academy, I can say that it is all worth it. You will feel the fulfillment and self worth everytime you make your program running.

Jennifer Contreras Coloma - 5/17/2017

Coding as a craft!

5/5 stars
The week after my graduation I started my first job as Junior Developer at a startup called ItsMyStyl. I am confident that these 12 weeks has given me the knowledge I need in order to develop my skills further and learn new programming languages and frameworks. I am grateful that I got the chance to participate in this bootcamp. It has changed my life in many ways.

Philip Zudemberg - 3/2/2017

Do immerse yourself

5/5 stars
I’m now (thanks to Craft Academy) working with a small agile team on a live Ruby on Rails project. The team is distributed around the world, for example Ashley in Seattle (west USA) and Patrick in or outside Boston (east USA). I use what I learned in the bootcamp every day doing code-reviews or writing my own code.

Susanna Larsdotter - 2/11/2017

Prepares you for the IT world

5/5 stars
The course is based not only on programming but also by working methods used in the industry, which means that you are well prepared for the IT industry after graduation

Casper - 10/17/2017

Intensive but life changing

5/5 stars
You will push yourself to the limit and learn stuff you never thought was able to understand. A great course, with super helpful coaches and a good approach. You will learn all basics and even more in Ruby on Rails, JavScript and a bunch of other frameworks, front-end languages such as HTML and CSS as well as GitHub, databases and text editors.

Ebba - 2/24/2017

Changed my life

5/5 stars
The 12 weeks I invested in the bootcamp was the best investment I have ever made into my own personal development and thanks to Craft Academy I can now fulfill my dream of coding for a living.

Mikael - 11/15/2016

What a great course

5/5 stars
The 12 week coding boot camp will test every emotional part of your being but let me promise you this, you will come out a junior coder with the best skills to take you forward in your carrier, but you have to stay focused, committed and keep pushing through no matter what.

Lara Templemore-Walters - 11/14/2016

Prepared to work in development

5/5 stars
In the last half of the camp, we built some applications that impressed the crap out of our friends - a simple social network, an online marketplace for placing food orders, an interactive pub quiz app that pushes out questions in real time to players, and receives their answers back. I'm really proud of what we built during those last six weeks.

Amber - 11/11/2016

A life changing experience

5/5 stars
I have searched for a good job in Gothenburg for a couple of years without ever being satisfied, now I can finally start something I really love in a rich, full of stimuli and always changing environment. I would do it over and over again.

Lucia De Mojà - 11/10/2016

Course Dates

Apply in time - the selection process takes approximately two weeks and we will interview you before you are accepted. There are at most fourteen spots in each cohort.

Program Course start Application Deadline Graduation Locations
Nomads Of Code Full Stack Bootcamp
(2022 edition with 1 extra week of post graduation support)
19 Sep 2022
Prep course starts 15 Aug 2022
1 August 2021 9 December 2022 Remote

Apply now

We start a new course every eight weeks and continuously review and accept applicants. The application process can take up to two weeks, so please apply in time!