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Enrolling in the Craft Academy bootcamp is an investment in your future. It is the quickest way to jump-start a career in software development; one of the fastest and most efficient ways to change your life.

Craft Academy

Course Fees

Everything included

Your course fees include all instruction, materials, and continued support before and after the bootcamp with technical and career assistance. We provide all the necessary tools to develop efficiently - software licenses, a functional and ergonomic work environment. The course fee also includes the Swedish VAT tax of 25%.

Female participants

We also proudly offer a 5% discount to female bootcamp participants. Our industry needs more female developers and we want to do everything we can to help women succeed on their coding journey.

Finances shouldn't stop anyone from fulfilling their dream of becoming a programmer. We encourage everyone to contact us to discuss payment options, including our flexible deposit and payment schedule through our financing partners.

A new cohort starts every eight weeks. Will you start your career as a junior developer with us?

Payment and Funding Options

The Craft Academy Boot Camp is a private education and thus does not qualify for CSN support. You can choose to pay the education fee according to our standard model or apply for a payment through our financing partners.

Standard fee

Program At registration
(registration fee)
At course start Total (incl. 25% VAT)
Nomads Of Code Full Stack Bootcamp 9 950 SEK 89 800 SEK 99 500 SEK

Nomads Of Code Full Stack Bootcamp

We are currently offering a monthly payment plan for our Nomads Of Code Full Stack Bootcamp.

Down payment: 55,000SEK - €5.450
2,950SEK - €290 over 12 months

Female participants

We also offer 5% discount to all female students. (We think that gender inequality sucks, and we want to do whatever we can to help put. You don't like it? Sue us!).

Program List price Discount Total at registration (incl. 25% VAT)
Nomads Of Code Full Stack Bootcamp 99 500 SEK 5 % 94 525 SEK

Apply now

We start a new course every eight weeks and continuously review and accept applicants. The application process can take up to two weeks, so please apply in time!