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Are you ready to challenge yourself?

Coding as a craft in twelve weeks

With Craft Academy, you'll learn web development in an exciting, fast-paced environment and get help to find your first job or build your own project.

Learn to Code with Craft Academy

Start your next career with our intensive training

The tech industry has a huge effect on our lives, from how we talk to each other to how we learn. With Craft Academy, you can be a part of that inspiring world, and jump into a job market that is growing exponentially.

You do not need prior coding experience. You do not need to be a computer wiz or have studied computer science. You need to be hungry. We can teach anyone to code, if they are focused and committed.

We believe that traditional education teaches students to do well on tests, rather than give them actual knowledge and experience. At Craft Academy, we provide neither grades nor diplomas. Instead, we help you develop the tools you need to be successful. Our course is unique, not just in intensity, but in approach. We provide a structured daily learning plan, projects, assignments and challenges, and continually push your limits to achieve the fastest learning possible. All in twelve weeks.

Meet Our Students

Craft Academy students come from diverse backgrounds. But when they graduate from bootcamp, they all have one thing in common: they are ready to work as web developers. From entrepreneurs developing their own products to mid-level executives who wanted to make a career shift, their stories show the value in practical training.

Graduated September 2016

Lucia De Mojà

Molecular Biologist - Frontend Developer at Lodon AB

You have to keep going; the results come in the end

Graduated November 2016

Ebba Aniansson

From vagabond to Junior Developer at ItsMyStyl

You will see that you are able to get things done now, not later.

Graduated November 2015

Bo Mattsson

Entrepreneur to the bone

Now I understand how applications are built

Graduated September 2016

Lara Templemore-Walters

Web Designer turned Web Developer

Now, I just want to learn more!

Graduated November 2015

Gustaf Rudholm

From online sales to full-time coder

I can't think of a better way to secure your future

Is Craft Academy right for you?

We're looking for those who are ready to roll up their sleeves and work hard to achieve their goals.

Craft Academy
may be right for you if
Craft Academy
might not be a good fit if
You can dedicate 100% of your time, energy and attention to learning coding as a craft. You can only get out of bootcamp what you put in. You have to work a full-time job during the bootcamp. There simply isn't enough time for both.
You have found traditional education constraining, frustrating, or boring. We don't care the slightest bit what your exam scores were in school. We care about your passion, your drive, and your dedication. Your time zone is more than two hours from CET. We have daily meetings, frequent demos and pair-programming sessions - all of which take place in real-time. We need all team members awake and participating.
You love learning new things and thrive in fast-paced environments. You're not interested in coding. Don't enroll in bootcamp simply because there is great opportunity in the tech industry. Your passion and curiosity must drive your choice.

Course Dates

Apply in time - the selection process takes approximately two weeks and we will interview you before you are accepted. There are at most twelve spots in each cohort.

Prep-Course start Course start Graduation
25 December 2017 22 January 2018 13 April 2018
6 March 2018 3 April 2018 29 June 2018
14 May 2018 11 June 2018 14 September 2018
30 July 2018 27 August 2018 9 November 2018

Apply now

We start a new course every eight weeks and continuously review and accept applicants. The application process can take up to two weeks, so please apply in time!