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About Craft Academy

Craft Academy is a twelve-week intensive course designed to take you from zero to junior programmer. We're a group of dedicated coaches with decades of coding experience.

Our mission

We aim to provide our students with the most effective training possible to prepare them - in an incredibly short time - to join the technical workforce, or build their own advanced projects.

There is a strong need for web developers in South Africa and throughout the world. We train programmers who not only write great code, but who understand the industry's conventions, problem solve with intention, and are ready to join the workforce and be a productive member of a team. We believe that coding is a craft, not just the symbols you put into a program. To that end, we teach an ambitious array of coding skills, introducing students to dozens of tools and two coding languages, but we also teach coding methods like Agile and Test-Driven Development. These practices mold developers who will thrive in the real world.

Graduated June 2018

Erik Steinman

Payroll consultant and Football fan turned software developer

This is not just a first step into programming. You will get way deeper into programming than you can even begin to imagine.

Graduated June 2018

Andreas Møller-Nybye

Kickstarting a new career with Craft Academy

Thank you Craft Academy for making this bootcamp an absolutely awesome experience!

Graduated August 2017

Ólöf Vignisdóttir

From a telecom company employee to a Frontend Developer

When I found my inner peace and just kept on coding, the results came.

Graduated June 2017

Faraz Naeem

From Accountant to Junior Developer

Do it, and do it wholeheartedly.

Graduated April 2017

Osegbemoh Dania

From Network Infrastructure Manager to Junior Developer

The desire to develop my own software product sparked my interest in coding

Graduated September 2016

Lucia De Mojà

Molecular Biologist - Frontend Developer at Lodon AB

You have to keep going; the results come in the end

Graduated November 2016

Ebba Aniansson

From vagabond to Junior Developer at ItsMyStyl

You will see that you are able to get things done now, not later.

Graduated November 2015

Bo Mattsson

Entrepreneur to the bone

Now I understand how applications are built

Graduated September 2016

Lara Templemore-Walters

Web Designer turned Web Developer

Now, I just want to learn more!

Graduated November 2015

Gustaf Rudholm

From online sales to full-time coder

I can't think of a better way to secure your future

Meet Our Students

Craft Academy students come from diverse backgrounds. But when they graduate from bootcamp, they all have one thing in common: they are ready to work as web developers. From entrepreneurs developing their own products to mid-level executives who wanted to make a career shift, their stories show the value in practical training.

Apply now

We start a new course every eight weeks and continuously review and accept applicants. The application process can take up to two weeks, so please apply in time!